Healthy Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boos…..

We at Room 1 know that being healthy is very important to our well being. But what does healthy actually mean? Let’s look at the following image. How do you think the children in this photo feel? Why?

Here are some great brainstorming ideas on what ‘Healthy’ means to Room 1:

  • Fit
  • Energised (Aziza)
  • Active (Amy V)
  • Never giving up (Louis)
  • Exercise (Ashlee)
  • Eating vegetables (Ishan)
  • Less Junk food (Aziza)
  • Energy (Francis)
  • More strength
  • Happiness (Francis)
  • Not stressed (Alex)
  • Calm (Jackson)
  • Feeling good about ourselves

We also discussed the important role of food in being healthy and how food effects our overall well-being. Let’s watch the following video and discuss important nutrients found in the foods we eat:

Here are some great healthy choices Room 1 have selected for their lunchboxes! Clever cats even made sure they selected something from each food group!