Dealing with change and problems

Roads and Roundabouts

What is a problem?

  • Ideas (Francis)
  • Something you can’t solve but you need help with (Oscar)
  • People feeling not well (TJ)
  • Something that doesn’t make you feel very good (Louis)
  • You can ask for help with a problem (Jamie)
  • When you feel unsafe or in danger (Amy V)

We are introducing the ‘Roads and Roundabouts’ model for problem solving. What do we know about roundabouts? You can go around and around, trying to work  out which is the right road to take.

Here’s Mr Bean attempting to solve his own problem….

What do we know? Each option is a different road that leads to a different destination.

Help me use the ‘Roads and Roundabout’ model to help me solve my problem-What game should I play during lunchtime?

Here are a list of problems Room 1 sometimes faces:

  • what should I have for lunch?
  • what game should I play?
  • who should I play with outside?
  • which friend should i play with?

How can I use the ‘Roads and Roundabouts’ model to help solve my problem?

  • It gives me more than one option
  • It helps me decide on what the best option for my problem is