The tricks of advertising!

In today’s lesson we are going to learn about the clever ways advertisements persuade people to buy their products.

Let’s discuss our experiences with advertisements:

  • Where do you encounter advertising?  

‘Billboards” (Jassi)

‘Newspapers’ (Amy)

‘Magazines’ (Cang)

‘Television’ (Nina)

‘Radio’ (Kuini)

‘Shops’ (Jason)

‘Catalogues’ (Vy)

‘Advertisements’ (Mauryan)

  • Which specific advertisements “stick in your head?”

‘Advertising movies’ (Abitha)

‘Video Games’ (Dylan)

‘KFC commercials’ (Huy)

‘Advertising Cars’ (Henry)

  • What makes these advertisements memorable?
  • ‘Images’ (Yusuf)
  • ‘Catchy songs’ (Aziza)
  • ‘Motto’s like ‘Just Do It’, (Vanessa)
  • ‘Slogans’ (Jassi)
  • ‘Quotes’ (Huy)

Now, let’s have a look at three particular advertisements and share our thinking:

download  download-1  download-2






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