Simile Magic!!!

To make a story or a poem more interesting, a writer often tries to use words to create a picture inside the reader’s head.

A simile is when you say that something – a person or place, animal or thing – is LIKE something else. A simile always uses the word ‘as’ or ‘like’.

Here are some examples of similes:

  1. The cheese on this pizza is as hot as lava!
  2. Andrew is as sly as a fox.
  3. The girl’s laugh is as pretty as bird song.
  4. Sleeping on my bed is like floating on a cloud.
  5. He went off like a rocket on his new bike.

Now can you make up your own simile?


“Quick as a cheetah” (Ave)

“Slow as a snail” (Amy)

“Small as an ant” (Huy)

“Large as a boulder” (Kuini)

“Happy as the happy face emoji” (Vanessa)

“Sad as a cloud of rain” (Viti)