Think before you share!

Today we are learning about being safe on the internet and why it’s important to think carefully before we post anything online.

This will help us know what is OK to post on our classroom blogs, chat in online games and other social media. It will also help us to know what is NOT OK post.

Now we will watch the video again and take some notes to help us remember what important information it told us.

Here us some interesting thoughts on how to be safe online:

  • Parent supervision- tell a parent if you see or read something that makes you sad or unhappy. (Kuini)
  • Do not share personal information (Aziza)
  • Be careful about what you share and post online (Miss K)
  • With great power comes great responsibility (Vanessa)
  • Keep your privacy settings as high as possible
  • Never give out your passwords
  • Not everyone online is who they say they are.
  • Negativity leads to chaos-cyber bulling can leave scars (Henry)
  • Not everything on the internet is TRUE!
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