All things time!

Today Rm 1 explored “all things time”! We brainstormed a list of words we use when we describe or talk about time. Here are some great ideas!

  • half past
  • quarter to/past
  • minutes
  • seconds
  • hours
  • analogue/digital clock
  • sundials
  • am/pm

We explored analogue clocks by creating our own analogue clock using uni-fix blocks to represent each minute on the clock, Geeee Room 1 is clever! They knew exactly where to put the numbers on the clock and that there was 5 minutes between each number! Here’s a look at Room 1s great job at working in teams!


Gardening Time!

For the past few weeks Room 1 have been working really hard to take care of their plants. They planted a broad bean seed with care and everyday make sure they are watered so that photosynthesis can take place. Everyday is an exciting new discovery as students measure their plants to observe and investigate their own plants progress. It’s a race to see who’s plant grows the highest or who’s plant produces the first broad bean. Hmmm….I wonder who will win…Viti or Aaron? Stay tuned…..

Day 1….It all begins…..


Day 18….Look how much they’ve grown!


Some very happy faces………:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

IMG_1363  IMG_1365

Inquiry “Living Things”

In Inquiry today, Room 1 talked all things”Habitat”. Their thinking and much, much note taking led to a clear definition:

“A habitat is a place where plants and animals live” however… did not end there. The awesomeness that is Room 1 shared even more information:

” A habitat is where a living thing finds the food, water and shelter it needs to live in comfortably”We also explored the many different habitats that exist in our world, like “Desert”, “Rain forests”, “Grasslands”, “Marine” and “Polar.” Here’s proof of awesome learning in Room 1:


Independent Reading

Today in Room 1 we discussed the features of an “Online Text”. We had a look at Hyperlinks and came up with a whole-class definition

“A hyperlink is a highlighted word or image in a web page that when clicked on opens up to another location”

All I can say is…the students in Room 1 sure have more knowledge on Online Texts than their teacher. Are you sure you shouldn’t be teaching this class Henry???